About Us

We are an IT distribution company with its prime focus on distribution and re-export of Major branded products like Mobile phones, Printers, Microsoft Surface, Apple, Google smart devices, Laptops, Tablets, Drones, Toys and wearable technology players. Transworld Computer Technology specializes in various renowned brands Such as Xcess, Samsung, Dell, HP, Apple, Microsoft, Lenovo, DJI, Sony, Nickon, Amazon, LG, GoPro, Fitbit, Dyson, and Toshiba. Based in Dubai, we serve as a professional and efficient warehousing and distribution center as it enjoys the privilege of a 1500 CBM modern warehousing infrastructure. Represented by a group of 35 enterprising employees with multilingual background.

Transworld Computer Technology truly represents the corporate culture of the organization catering to emerging markets of Africa, the GCC and Europe. We have a strong patronage of over 120 resellers, 9 distributors and Top Retailers with an ever-growing list. The company thrives on the strong presence within the region where customer satisfaction is of paramount importance. A business in excess of over 100million USD is just a bi-product from the genuine effort of the team and the operation.